WHY Loose Weight? — Find YOUR real reason!

Why do you want to loose weight?

Have you ever asked yourself the question: WHY? Of course you did, we all do. Why me? Why now? Why this? Why not? Why should I loose my weight? Why is it that I can’t loose weight? Why is it that every time I try, I fail? I know the answer: because you don’t know the reason, why are you ... Read More »

Best Diet Secret – Get a Good Night Sleep

Sleep and weight loss

  Do you want to know the Best Diet Secret? Get a Good Night Sleep! When there are only so many hours in the day, and so much to do, the loser often ends up being sleep. But sleep is a crucial factor in your ability to function. It is food for your brain. I have two  child sleep consultant ... Read More »

Change Is Possible But is Not Easy

Change is possible

  Commercials on TV tell you all the time that you can change yourself. In thirty seconds, the actors can get smarter, thinner, prettier, and richer. But this fantasy sets us up for a fall. We hear about the possibilities for wonderful changes people can make in their lives, how some people loose weight and become fit, and we want ... Read More »

The Journey To a Healthier Me

Ready - Best Diet Journey

  I purposely chose the “healthier me” title, because often when someone starts a diet, people would call it the beginning of a “new you”. The truth is I don’t want a new me, as there are many things what I like about myself, I just need to be healthier, and fitter because I would love to be here for ... Read More »